Fruit Ninja at Midnight: The Little Things in a Place Far, Far Away

I like to think I handle stress very well (meanwhile, my current roommates are laughing their heads off). But the thing is: I do. Just when it’s on my terms. If I’m on my turf, whether it be in Wisconsin or Boston, I can tackle problems pretty well.

This is to say that when I hopped on a plane and was smacked with a new campus, new set of roommates, new schedule…well, new everything, I definitely got knocked back a few notches.

And honestly, it’s really irritating.

A lot of people talk about “culture shock” but thus far, it hasn’t really been discussed at the castle. In fact, I don’t even think this has much to do with the “culture” as much as the “castle.” So, “castle-shock” if you will.

Not to rant, just to share my thoughts. I feel as though everyone at the castle is definitely dealing with some issues – whether it be homesickness, class stress, or just general traveling mania. And in the same breath, I feel like for the most part, everyone’s handling them pretty well. And me…well, I’m learning. So here are a few of my recent de-stressers to make castle life a little less shocking. :]

  • eating grapes from the local market with my roommates in the late-night munchie hour.
  • catching up on a few shows from home (can I get a hells-yes for Breaking Bad?!)
  • going on long, aimless walks whenever I need to stop looking at textbook pages.
  • rereading all the postcards/letters my parents and family have been sending to me.
  • getting back from dinner early and blasting my music (though sometimes I forget to close my door…).
  • angry cleaning (you may not think it’s a thing – it’s a great thing).
  • running in the morning, no matter how fast.

Oddly enough, this is my favorite:

  • playing Fruit Ninja under my covers listening to David Sedaris audio tapes.

The little things make a big difference – who knew?



  1. Oh my….Sounds like you are on such an adventure. I have loved seeing your sweet comments at my site and excited now to go back and catch up on your story–where you are and what you’re doing. I can tell already that you are a brave, strong girl. Bless you! You are also a really good writer. 🙂 I’ll catch up on your other posts now–

  2. I would definitely have “castle-shock” too if I were in your situation. It’s always stressful adjusting to a change of lifestyle but we all have our own ways of dealing with it.

    And Fruit Ninja? Always a lifesaver. I used to be addicted to that game, haha.

  3. camwill · · Reply

    Ah, the old audio tapes tactic — this has worked well for you since you were a toddler. XOXO

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