Tired Legs, Swollen Eyes, and One Heavy Heart: Nine Days of Traveling and What It Does to Me

Last Friday morning we left for a required school excursion to Berlin, followed by a week of independent travel to any city (or, if you’re really brave, cities) of our choosing. I chose London and chose it fairly hard. So much so that it might be a while before I can muster up a Henry post. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few snippets:

  • wandering around the streets of Berlin with my entire art history class and overly enthusiastic teacher who later volunteered to buy all of us hot chocolate and talk to us about modern artistic interpretations and techniques.
  • mulled wine.
  • barely catching the 2.30 Skyfall showing before jetting out of Berlin (an English showing, too!). They show thirty minutes of commercials beforehand and you get a fifteen minute intermission.
  • toffee nut lattes.
  • realizing upon arrival in London that we had wifi in our ROOM (a rarity that you learn to cherish).
  • tearing up at the Harry Potter experience more times than I’d like to admit.
  • getting to see not one, but TWO West End shows. for fifteen pounds. total. that’s for both. (cough that’s twenty four american dollars for two broadway-quality musicals.)
  • praline mochas. (with the knowledge that tap-t0-pay app works at every starbucks. anywhere. ever.)
  • finding out pygmy hippos really aren’t all that pygmy sized, with a lot of disappointment.
  • getting way, way too into the Bloody Tower at the Tower of London and having a late-night in-depth conversation with myself about who really could have killed those princes.
  • wandering around in the depths of the West End, following my dad’s old walking tour instructions.
  • stumbling into the best gelato place ever (and I’ve been to Italy) somewhere near Piccadilly circus, then eating all of it before I reached the tube stop.
  • snakebites. (a combination of beer and cider with a drop of black currant. shockingly good.)
  • crawling along to a few very respectable pubs (and a few strange clubs) our last night – got to meet a lot of characters. also realized that all british boys are either on a lot of drugs or act like they’re on a lot of drugs.
  • standing in the very back of The Used’s set at UK Warped singing along to every word with Annie like crazy people.
  • scrambling (all out running, panting, wheezing) to make the midnight bus to the airport, followed by the most fragmented eight hours of my life as well as one really bitchin’ hot dog.
  • finally – finally – finally, falling into my bed at the castle and promptly not leaving for four hours straight.

it’s been a real rough (and wonderful) week, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t wait to tell you about it – as soon as I get a decent night’s sleep. until next time.


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