A Post About Trying to Write a Post

First, I was going to get my friend David to take pictures of what I’m wearing and do an outfit post. But then I realized I was essentially wearing the same thing for my last outfit post, except with different bright colored tights and cropped cardigan. So no.

Then, I came dangerously close to spilling strawberry yogurt all over the aforementioned chocolate milk spattered dress, so I thought that would make an okay post, but then it didn’t actually spill. So…lame.

Then then, I thought I could write something about prepping for finals and how to stay sane while doing it. But I realized I’m also freaking out over them. So not really.

I thought I could do a post about writing and how I haven’t really wanted to write anything lately. But I mean, I sat down to write all of this, so that doesn’t really apply either.

I suppose what I’m saying is that I never really know what to post anymore. It’s finals week, therefore meaning I am both braindead and dead-dead. Also, less than 48 hours after I finish finals, I will be on a plane back to America. These things culminate in a Z that isn’t really sure about anything anymore.

Anyway, this has been a post.



  1. Finals week is the worst and makes for not wanting to do any work. I find the opposite problem, I always have posts to write and end up writing them but really have no where they fit in or a place to put them. Some get posted like 2-3 months after the fact.

    ❤ katherine

  2. Hahaha cute post, love it!

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