Watching. Since I finally finished 30 Rock, my next step is catching up on the last season of The League, which is probably my favorite show currently on television. You can’t touch it. You just can’t.

Listening to. A crazy mix of stuff, but mostly trying to re-memorize the lyrics for all my upcoming concerts. Extra points for playlists containing: Pat Brown, Pierce the Veil, The Wonder Years, and, for some reason, Relient K.

Reading. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. FINALLY! The first two were great and I want to finish that one off. The newest Jim Butcher is on its way to me, as well as the book published by my old writing teacher. (I am SOOOO excited to read that one. Like, knock it out in a night excited.)

Making me happy. Finally seeing everyone back on main campus. The castle was outrageously fun in so many ways, but there were so many faces I missed – it makes coming home a lot easier. Also, classes are starting and I am a HUGE nerd, so I’m pumped to learn all sorts of weird stuff in the new year. Hopefully should be taking a Berklee class (yes, I’m spelling that right – the one in Boston, not in Cali) and also have a magazine writing class with my favorite professor. Yusss.

Thinking about. Oh, so much. Summer plans (already? Yes, already.). Job applications. Room decoration (and, organization). Playing quidditch again. Starting to regularly write again. Waffle fries at the Max. Again.

Coming up on the blog (because, really, there is so much that’s backlogged and I feel as though if I post teasers here there may be a slim chance of me finishing, oh, one of these articles?!)…

adventures with henry: montana edition, the first of many what’s your beef? posts, a long-awaited ‘how I got into running’ post, more outfit posts, a room reveal, and a huge other handful of stuff. Get excited. And so forth.




  1. Job applications 😦 THE WORST ! Like no one ever gets back to you. Sorry I picked that out first, but I just feel that being on the mind. And I have nevr read the girls with the ___ books (there are multiples, yes?) – are they good?

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  2. first of all, wow–your site looks great. I haven’t stopped by in too long….:)
    And it’s good to know you’re back. I’m sure you did have an awesome time, but coming home is always good too.
    Sounds like you are a busy one–and what a fun season of life. TRUST ME, enjoy it. 😉

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