I Think I Look Nice Today: Sweater Weather


I don’t mean to echo everyone else on the east coast but: what’s with this weather!? I’m so ready for legging-less dresses and cute shorts and maybe even tank tops! Anyway, I’m trying to give my sweaters some love before they get packed away until fall. Plus, I feel like I never wear my scarves – too attached to my necklaces? Probably.


In all honesty, this is my wardrobe for chilly days. Cute (but warm!) sweater, nice (but snuggly!) scarf, dark wash jeans, sneakers. Oh, and the tried-and-true beanie.


Oh, and quick shoutout to my dad for buying the softest and warmest socks ever. They’re made out of alpaca wool from a farm near my house – how neat is that?!


beanie // hot topic

scarf // some store in paris

sweater // american eagle

jeans // american eagle

sneakers // men’s golf shoes…plus they’re waterproof!

IMG_0938all photos taken by the lovely annie.




  1. i can see the sun peeping through, spring is near. looking the warm, comfortable look.

  2. You look good! And that jumping picture is so nice 🙂 xo

  3. Dad’s so pleased to be mentioned in a fashion blog!

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