Words of Wisdom: How-to On a Quote Wall

I don’t know about you guys, but I NEED some inspiration in my life. Especially during the grey days of early March.

So, I told myself, what do you do? You spend all afternoon making a quote wall, that’s what you do!

You can do this any way you like, but I figured I’d show you my method. Here’s what you’ll need:


-bright notecards


-baby clothespins (I got mine from Michael’s!)

-clear pushpins (rolled out of the frame!?)

-good inky pen (not pictured)

-cut pieces of tag board (also not pictured)

So blast the pop punk (or whatever music you like) and heeeeere we go…

IMG_09411. Attach your tag board with poster tack in whatever succession you like. Staggered looked best to me, but I think straight across or even lopsided would look cute too!

2. Tape the twine to one end of the wall and twirl outward, taping it in the middle and then at the end.

3. Get some inspirational phrases going! I have a pinterest board for this very purpose, but otherwise google your favorite authors, favorite song lyrics – whatever you’d like to see everyday!

4. Write them out! If you’re more tech savvy, you could probably get your printer to do this, but I like the look of my handwriting for this.

quote wall 2

5. Arrange your cards! I put a combination of them on the twine versus tacked to the boards. Ideally I would’ve added pictures, but now that I look at it…well, it’s already crowded! We’ll have to see. :]

quote wallVoila! You have your very own quote wall! Later I think I’ll post my favorites that I found…people say some pretty hilarious stuff! How do you decorate your space?

check my other posts on college/dorm decoration here and here.



  1. So cool! I love this post.

  2. Annie · · Reply

    It looks so cute! Perfect for a writing major 😀

  3. Ooooh these are so adorable!! I NEED and RELY on quotes to get me through while I’m going through an uninspired rut. Usually I just write them in my planner or write them on post it notes to hang in my room. But this is perfect!

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