I Think I Look Nice Today: But He’s Your Lobster


I’ve had dreams about this outfit.

No, really. I’m serious. It came to me in a dream…

Z…(said the dream voice) …you want…chambray…and…a cute animal sweater…

And I was blessed with both. Looky there.

In all honesty though, it’s rare that I picture an outfit and it comes out looking even alright, let alone GOOD. For all you maniacal outfit planners, there’s me standing in front of my closet randomly pulling things out and pouting in the mirror. How I’m ever clothed is a mystery to me.

IMG_0952If you don’t get the title reference then 1. shame on you and 2. here’s a link.  And may we all find our lobsters! In one way or another…I guess? Maybe? I dunno man. I just wear the sweaters.

IMG_0953sweater // forever 21

chambray // forever 21

jeans // american eagle

shoes // blowfish


**note that I feared for my life while trying to jump (and land) on a skinny little bleacher bench

****also note that all photos are by annie.



  1. Eeeep! Best sweater ever!

  2. Annie · · Reply

    You know how I love this outfit, dearest. That might be one of my favorite sweaters of all time. I’m glad you didn’t perish doing that death-defying jump.
    PS thank you for bringing that video back into my life! I haven’t thought about that in forEVer.

  3. ohmygosh Friends reference. ahaha. And I cannott jump in photos! EVER! I look dumb all the time, At least you look cute – I would have fallen trying to do that! And I LOVE the lobster sweater – so fun.

  4. I love the lobster sweater, it’s cute & quirky! I haven’t been to F21 in a long time, I think I should check it out!!

  5. Wow, love that sweater! Very cute! 🙂

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