Tales of a Hermit-Z: What I’m Watching on Netflix

Yo, took an accidental blog break for a while there! This no-computer thing is still tripping me up, but it (hopefully) gets delivered tomorrow! I have a lot of stuff planned for this week and next, so don’t worry – you’ll get sick of me soon enough. Anyway, I’ve been kicking back this weekend (between new job and tons of quidditch practice) and figured I should do a write up on all these awesome shows. No spoilers, don’t worry!


Status: S1E6
What it is: animated offensive comedy about Sterling Archer, secret agent. His mother runs his ops company Isis and has a band of blithering idiots helping her out. Archer follows no rules.
Why it’s awesome: I call it a “sophisticated South Park.” It offends all kinds but the jokes are smart. Rapid fire dialogue and hilarious plots make this one a winner.
Breaking Bad
Status: S3E13
What it is: A chem teacher recently diagnosed with cancer teams up with a former student to start a meth lab.
Why it’s awesome: Okay, every critic/expert/normal person has already sung their praises about this so I’ll just add to the pile. I love the character of Jesse (the student) so much and all other plot devices just make it a high tension drama you can’t stop watching.
The League
Status: reruns
What it is: Five guys start a fantasy football league and try to balance their bland home life with the Sunday games.
Why it’s awesome: I love sports so it makes sense that I love a show about sports. Plus, the incredible Jon LaJoie plays “Taco,” the stoner younger brother and even performs some of his songs.
Burn Notice
Status: S5E15
What it is: Secret agent Michal Westin gets “burned” and becomes a pariah from all his old jobs and contacts. He teams up with his old girlfriend and a friend who used to inform on him to track down why he was burned.
Why it’s awesome: Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. Again, the characters are all unique and have great dialogue. Plus there’s a hefty dose of humor among all the “we might die” sort of plotlines. Plus, he really likes yogurt.
Status: reruns
What it is: Animated teen comedy that used to run on Cartoon Network. Six sixteen year olds all get part time jobs at the local mall and shenanigans ensue.
Why it’s awesome: I love this as a budding teenager and still find it funny. The characters are all hilarious and lovable, plus everything gets solved in 22 minutes!


  1. Story of my life though – I think I’m on a personal mission to watch all of Netflix or something! I found the cutest Brittany Murphy movie the other day! I think it’s called Love and Other Things? Or something like that?

  2. Katherine / Of Corgis & Cocktails · · Reply

    I think you and my husband watch ALL Of the same shows. I kept thinking ‘can’t get into that, my husband loves it though’ for like every show. We’ll be checking out 6teen tonight – i haven’t heard of that

  3. I love Archer! I think it’s so funny! The League has it’s moments, almost always involving Taco. And while I want to watch Breaking Bad, I feel like watching 5 previous seasons would take forever!



    Southern (California) Belle

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