Hey, I Feel Like Shaving Part of My Head: The World of Undercuts











Wait, what? Who’s that last girl? Is that me? Did I shave a hunk of my hair off?

Yes, blog world…yes I did. Half a whim, half just wanting to shake up my routine, plus the added bonus of looking super intimidating for the Quidditch World Cup this weekend…all rolled into a few quick shaves.

I’m stoked on how it looks though – we ended up shaving it much closer than I was anticipating but I almost like it better. I’m known for doing crazy things with my hair but this just might top the list.

Hope you’re all having a happy Thursday. :]



  1. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to do this but fear my banking job bosses wouldn’t be pleased! GO you.

  2. Eeee! It’s cute!
    I’ve been tempted to get an undercut, but my job has a “look policy” that’s fairly strictly enforced 😦

  3. you look so cute with it. I think you’re so adorable + I added this post to my Things I love Thursday post. You’re the besttest.

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