TUNESday #27: Let Us Love – Needtobreathe

click for the music.

As much as I want the world to go back to normal…that’s not going to happen overnight.

I live in downtown Boston. My dorms are five blocks from Copley square. It’s been a scary twenty four hours.

I happened to be in Florida coming back from a tournament when it happened. Everything was on the news. I used up the entirety of my phone battery calling friends to make sure they were okay. Luckily, they all were. Two were admitted for minor cuts, but considering everything that happened, I am extremely blessed.

Last night, I landed around midnight and walked back to campus through deserted streets. I entered my dorm on lockdown and my bags were searched. (I feel so bad for the security guard that had to root through my sweaty uniform.) My suitemates and I sat around and sort of stared at the floor. Campus was shut down for today.

It’s just a strange time.

Here’s a song that I always found uplifting throughout middle and high school. Needtobreathe are a great band and have awesome worship music, but I always liked this simple message best. Even in times of darkness, let’s love like we were children.



  1. Glad to hear you and your friends are all right. Such a terrible tragedy.

  2. Transplants or not, us Bostonians will stick together.

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