Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming: Swimsuit Roundup

I do not need a new swimsuit. I keep telling myself I need a new swimsuit. I am full of lies.

Here are the ones I desperately want. (Can you tell finals is getting to me?)



Uh, pineapple print? Sha! (Plus I really wanna try the corset fit of the top…looks so cool!)



I don’t understand pushup swimsuit tops, but the crazy print on this beats it out.



I always want crazy colors for swimsuits, but this design by Glamour Kills does the trick, even in black and white.



Yo, who doesn’t love Adventure Time?




For reals, I hate one pieces…but this looks SO DANG COOL.


Neon colors, wrap top, lots of obnoxious yellow and blues…yeah, seems to fit all requirements. :]



  1. Awesome picks! I always tend to be drawn to dark colours when it comes to swimsuits, which is stupid! đŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never been a big swimsuit person, but I NEED that first one. The pineapple print and corset style is so cool. Let’s just forget the fact that I could no way pull off that color and that I haven’t owned a swimsuit in years.

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