I Think I Look Nice Today: In Which I Try to Be Ruby Sparks


Okay, I just spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a good, head-to-toe pictures of Ruby Sparks.


But anyway, it gives you an excuse to watch the movie.


I actually took these early in Finals Week. (Why do I always feel the need to capitalize it? Does it qualify as an event?) I guess that shows how up-to-date I’ve been – right now, I have like four completed posts, but something about pasting them into a WordPress box and adding pictures seems like so. much. work.

I know, I don’t understand me either.

IMG_1028Can we just talk about this dress for a minute? It fits me like a glove (structured top but elasticized waist hollaaa) and has cutouts in the back. CUT. OUTS. When I bought this, my friend said, “Wow, that looks so much better on you than the hanger!” (Aren’t best friends great? I keep them around for this reason. Also, I just need constant praise.) Sha, so since I knew I loved the dress, I decided I would do what Ruby Sparks would do and pair a cute, feminine dress with neon tights. And then fall in love with Paul Dano.

Step two is still in progress.

IMG_1034dress // american eagle

necklace // modcloth

tights // h&m

shoes // blowfish



  1. Such a great dress for spring! The cutouts are a cute surprise.

  2. This dress is SO cute and looks amazing on you! I really love the blue tights with it too. I want to see Ruby Sparks so badly, I need to get my hands on it.

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