I Think I Look Nice Today: The Skirt I Have to Keep In Line on the Subway

IMG_1278Guys. Give me a few minutes to freak out about this skirt. Like…LOOK AT IT. Hi-lo. Deep purple. It flows when I walk and doesn’t hitch up when I bend over – perfection, yes?!

IMG_1264The only bad thing? It’s a bit of a handful on the subway. It’s an hour commute for me every Monday/Wednesday and making this thing tromp through four different stations is a hassle. So I hold it. And look strange. It’s fine.


IMG_1276This. Necklace. What is it with me and arrows lately? That and minimalist pieces. Apart from my new neon pink shorts. Everything in time…

IMG_1250shirt // delia’s

necklace // american eagle

belt // forever 21

skirt // american eagle







One comment

  1. Blythe · · Reply

    Great skirt! I love the color combination.


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