I Think I Look Nice Today: Just a Jacket


I feel like most of my ITILNT posts have just turned into: you know this one piece of clothing I adore? Look at it!


But hey, I still love this jacket. It was one of those awesome finds – actually fits you all over, looks nice both zipped and unzipped, plus has a cool military-style-ish. I figured go easy with the rest of the look…but I needed to add boots. Did I mention this was our first day under 80 degrees in like three weeks?


The blonde hair still feels weird to me…is it strange that it seems to affect my outfits? Blonde is hardly (HAIRDLY?) a statement color, but even my “normal outfits” seem to look different. I don’t know either.


jacket // american eagle

necklace // forever 21

shirt // zumiez

jeans // american eagle

boots // journeys


I leave you with my utter fail of a jumping photo (twenty tries,,,I wish I was kidding).



One comment

  1. Annie · · Reply

    You look gorgeous as always…you need my jumping photo skills back in your life, though, I have to say ;).

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