I’m Making the Switch: An Apology and a Bit of a Rant

Hey guys, I have a confession.

I’ve thrown several temper tantrums at my computer the last 48 hours. WordPress is just NOT working for me. I’ve considered making the switch several times, but finally I hit a wall. I need a change. I can’t possibly spend as much money as they request to get the sort of services that Blogger provides FOR FREE. So, after a bunch of back-and-forth’s, I finally decided to make the switch. (Why do I feel as though I’m in a Geico commercial?)

So, this is mostly a post to say: hang tight. I will continue to post here until I have a handle on what the new page will be. (You can see a really terrible version at the moment at sometimesztakespictures.blogspot.com)

Wish me luck, friends…I need it.


One comment

  1. Good luck! I’ve never tried WordPress, but I’ve always been happy with Blogger. 🙂

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