IMG_8893My name is Z. Sometimes I live in Boston, occasionally I live in rural Wisconsin, and for a three month span last fall, I lived in a castle in the Netherlands. I’m powered by chocolate milk, bacon cheeseburgers, and shipping notifications for pre-ordered records. I’m also always barefoot. But enough about me.

This blog will be several things. It’ll have a lot of words from me on it, either that I spoke at some point to my best friend in a dirty Red Robin or that I thought up while hiding under my blanket listening to Enema of the State on repeat. The words may be about my life, or someone else’s life, or fashion, or my future, or how to do something, or music, or college, or any other subject that may tickle my fancy any particular morning. I can guarantee every entry will have a really long title and it will probably include a lot of snarky comments from yours truly, regardless of content.

Oh, and sometimes I take pictures.

Happy reading.

a few of my favorite posts:

The Big 1-0-0: A Huge Thank You and a Semi-Huge Roundup

Fist Pumping and Whispers of Glee: Saying ‘YES!’ to Life

A Playlist Made by Just Typing “Home” Into Spotify: A Few Thoughts on Being Back and Forth

How in Hell’s Kitchen Do I Dice a Tomato: That One Time I Tried to Cook

Why Turning Over a New Leaf is Stupid (aka Why I’m Doing It for the Last Time I Swear)

a few of my readers favorite posts:

How Do I College: Ed. 3 – Freshman Week Fact Sheet

That One Time I Tried to Be a Craft Blogger: A Warped Tour Story and a DIY

How to Have a Great Time Without Getting Your Teeth Knocked Out: My Concert Safety Guide

I Think I Look Nice Today: But He’s Your Lobster

An Open Love Letter to Warped Tour


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picture in sidebar taken by the incredible Nikki.


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