Since I don’t have the time or chops to make and add buttons to my sidebar, here are a few of my favorite blogs (all followed via Bloglovin’) and my favorite posts. Check all these wonders out!

Life Size Paperdoll / Firsts, Triumphs, Mistakes, and Being Out of My Comfort Zone in One Day

Little Chief Honeybee / Things I Love Thursday

Carmen Mariah / 16 Again

The Militant Baker / How to Kick Ass on a Daily Basis

Major Shenanniegans / Galway Girl

The Dainty Squid / Maggie and Crum

Lost in Travels / The Day My Dreams Came True

Of Corgis and Cocktails / Infiltrating Teemo’s Home

Scathingly Brilliant / Barefoot in the Park 

Oh Dear Drea / “Things On Toast” Series

Whatever Gatsby / Things That Make Me So Happy I Could Vomit

Selective Potential / Past Autumn Favorites

Kitty and Buck / Spring in Japan: Yakushima Part 4

Delightfully Tacky / Living the Brave Life

Transient Withdrawal / San Diego Photo Diary

Girl with a Movie Camera / I Feel in Need of a Change

Room 334 / One More Sunny Day

Love Taza / Smorgasburg

Perpetually Caroline / Accio Harry Potter World

My Billie Designs / Nashville

Jen Loves Kev / Nail and Yarn Wall Art

By the Lock / “Twelve Months of Bread” Series

Introvert’s Introduction / Remix My Closet

JennifHsieh / The Bonnaroo Diares: Day 2

Bodacious Thought / Outfit Bloopers

The Grommom / Sup Time in Hawaii

Little Tree / Better Than I Ever Knew

Missing Lovebirds / Fellow Traveler

The Life of Bon / “What We Did in Class This Week” Series

Oh Summer Candy / Five Things I Struggle With as a Blogger

But Shopping Makes Me Happy / Pink Hues

A Beautiful Mess  / “At Home With…” Series

Midnight Caramel / Tree Cabin

I Think I Just Blogged Myself / First Day Jitters

Lack of Creativity / Today I Am: Spent

My Life as a Teacup / “For the Love of a Linguaphile” Series

Cattails and Cardigans / TollHouse Pie

Secondhand Sundays / “The History of a Traveler” Series

Lazy Explorers / White Mocha Woods

Tastes Like Love / Delightful Things in Five Minutes

Don’t Panic Deanna / Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Heavens to Betsy / Scenes from New York

Kristine Or Polly / Stripes, Florals, and Packing



  1. Thanks for including me on there! Amongst lots of blogs I love, and a few new ones to check out 🙂

  2. Oh wow thank you so much for including my blog on your list!! PS my boyfriend really wants us to move to Boston!

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