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The Plan for the Rest of Your Life: Or, the Most Terrifying Activity that Wasn’t Even Meant for Me

My fourth summer job (not kidding) is assistant teaching at a gifted and talented camp. Being one of those little misfits growing up means that I a) get war flashbacks to what it was like being thirteen and thinking that no one would ever understand me and b) I know those squirts down to a […]

Work and Werk: How to Be “The New Girl”

I started my job in March and my internship earlier this month. It’s been a wild ride since then, but I’ve finally settled down in both quirky communities. However, I realized that it had been while since I had been “new” at anything…and I felt a how-to was in order. focus on what you’re naturally […]

The Ultimate Nerd: What IB Taught Me (Part One)

This may not be a surprise, but I was a total nerd in high school. I mean, I’m a nerd now. I’m in the honors program (doing poorly, don’t get too excited) and I’m in the BFA track for writing and these two things combined means I get to write TWO theses at the end […]

300 Slices of Bacon: When MADZ Has a Cookout

It’s sort of summer sometimes. And on that sometimes, we have cookouts. We went to the restaurant supply store. Let me be honest here: BULK FOOD IS THE BEST. It means that you’re “forced” to get the 300-pack of bacon. Because it’s 27.65. And that’s just a good deal. And here’s a family portrait. Even […]

Ever Wonder How Long It Takes to Move Out an Entire Dorm Room? Here You Go: A Really Ugly Photo Dump

I was either really really smart or really really dumb and decided to take pictures of every step of my packing process. The result really isn’t as pretty as I thought it would be. First of all, it’s really difficult to take pictures in a very rectangular dorm room with limited natural light. It’s just […]

Saying Goodbye to the Dorms: Moving Out and Moving On

This saturday, I moved out of the dorms for good. I got to spend two incredible years there (well, one and a half, minus the semester I spent in castle-dorm hybrid). The college I go to is generous enough to offer us guaranteed housing for two years (this can be taken as sarcastic or genuine […]

How Do I College Ed. 4 – Finals Week

I always have to be careful with how-to posts – I’m a big believer in the “whatever works best for you” mentality and I never want to come off as THE ONLY WAY TO DO SOMETHING. I’m definitely my own learner, so if something works better for you…all power to you! That being said, I’m […]

Words of Wisdom: How-to On a Quote Wall

I don’t know about you guys, but I NEED some inspiration in my life. Especially during the grey days of early March. So, I told myself, what do you do? You spend all afternoon making a quote wall, that’s what you do! You can do this any way you like, but I figured I’d show […]

What I’m Reading This Week: Cold, Grey, and Brief

As strange as it sounds, for a writing major…I don’t read much. The honest truth is that I’m just busy, and after catching up on Brit Lit…I don’t feel like curling up with ANOTHER book. That being said, I really do love reading. My only issue: I usually start a bunch of books at once, […]

What I Spend My Days at College Doing: How I Edit

For those of you who don’t know, I go to college for “writing.” Which is honestly the stupidest thing to say at a party or family gathering, but it’s the truth. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the degree yet – maybe magazine writing, maybe editing, maybe something totally different? – […]