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I Think I Look Nice Today: Let’s Work It Out

Okay, maybe I’m weird. But I like looking good when I work out. And I guess my definition of “good” is slightly different than most peoples, but I would like to show it off nonetheless. Up until last weekend, my quidditch team had been hard at work prepping for the World Cup and that meant […]

I Just Wanna Run: How I “Got Into” Running

OKAY. I’M GONNA DO IT. I’M GONNA WRITE ABOUT RUNNING. (that is, beyond this post about hating the gym.) But like…what do you say? There are two camps of people in this world: group A is currently running (well, not at this second, but like, in habit) and they do it all the time and […]

Run Forrest Run: A Brief Run-Down (Get it?) Of Why I Hate the Gym and Also a Playlist

Okay, so I’m kind of obsessed with this new I-can-make-spotify-playlists-and-share-them thing. It means that I get to push more music on you guys, besides just linking up to youtube pages on Tuesdays. So click that ballin’ picture of me in my Pulverizer gear. (It was the only picture I could find that was a] me […]