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TUNESday #42: Miss Jackson – Panic! at the Disco

click for the music. Panic! at the Disco recently did a free show in Copley Square. It was one of those “best laid plans” moments – I had taken off my night job, we were going to spring from our day jobs…and then it started raining. This is at the tail end of what was […]

TUNESday #41: Heart On the Floor – The Summer Set

click for the music. Okay, this is the third time The Summer Set has gotten their own Tunesday…but it’s been spaced out, so it’s okay right? I’ve been listening to their new-to-me album “Legendary” on repeat the past few days. I genuinely thought that I would just listen to Boomerang…oh no. This is one of […]

TUNESday #40 – Warped Playlist

click for the music. Warped was, in a word…incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and this time my teeth didn’t get knocked out! I’ve been running around like a maniac trying to start my new job while juggling all other sorts of writing endevors, so here’s to my first posting in a […]

TUNESday #39: Angel with a Shotgun – The Cab

click for the music. Guys, guys, I know. Warped is on Thursday, so you were anticipating some giant playlist of everyone I want to see. That’s not the case…you’ll have to wait for NEXT Tuesday to get some of that. For now, here’s one of my favorite road-trip songs.

TUNESday #38: Stay With Me – You Me at Six

click for the music. Another song that just happened to catch me on the subway. Stoked that these guys finally have a US headlining tour in the fall – expect a lot of squealing.  

TUNESday #37: Outside – Childish Gambino

click for the music. I’m in the process of transferring all my music onto my new laptop. Yes, I know it’s been almost three months. And yes, it is the WORST. But I’m almost done, meaning that finally all my i-Products (and my Windows laptop, cough…) can live in harmony. Also, I’ve been listening to […]

TUNESday #36: Stutter – Marianas Trench

click for the music. I think Marianas Trench has only appeared on this blog for this post when I was irate at a girl for filming their entire concert, and that’s pretty lame considering they’re one of my favorite bands. They also are probably one of my top five to see in concert – I […]

TUNESday #35: I Love It – Icona Pop

click for the music.  It’s something about summer that makes me fold into dance music. Normally I like my pop punk corner of the world, but good techno/electronica just reminds me of warm nights out by the lake. This song has been EVERYWHERE, so it only fits that it should hit the blog.

TUNESday #34: Black Out – Breathe Carolina

click for the music. Sometimes, my TUNESdays are deep, well-thought-out stories of how much a song means to me. Sometimes, it’s just whatever I was listening to on the ride home from work. This one’s the latter. (Also, I was a bit reluctant to post the official music video because of some…ahem…content. If you’re in […]

TUNESday #33: Grand Theft Autumn – Fall Out Boy

click for the music.  Where do I even start with this band. Sunday night was just incredible. They’ve been constantly touring since they came off a four year hiatus and I patiently waited for my chance. Fall Out Boy was my first-ever concert, way back in 2009, and it was like nothing had changed. They […]