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Wait, Where’s Tunesday?: Follow Me to All the Right Places

There was no way to phrase that subtitle non-creepily. IT’S OFFICIAL. Sometimes Z Takes Pictures has now taken up a (hopefully) permanent home at BLOGSPOT! I’m sure there will be a full post about the switch but for now it’s working out great for me. I just wanted to make sure everyone swapped over on […]

I’m Making the Switch: An Apology and a Bit of a Rant

Hey guys, I have a confession. I’ve thrown several temper tantrums at my computer the last 48 hours. WordPress is just NOT working for me. I’ve considered making the switch several times, but finally I hit a wall. I need a change. I can’t possibly spend as much money as they request to get the […]

Five Things I’m Addicted to This Week

Teen Wolf This has to come first. I blame my roommate: she got me SO INTO this show that I caught up on 32 episodes in a week. (Did I mention I have two jobs and an internship I should be doing?). It’s contagious I tell you. Now I’m to the point where I’m so […]

Every Single Blog I Read On One Page Just for You: My Blogroll

If you haven’t noticed, there’s another blip right under my header: a BLOGROLL! I feel as though every blogger these days have their own sidebar of “bloggy friends” or “inspiration” or “idols I constantly worship”…wait, just me? Anyway, I am not that talented to make a bunch of buttons, so instead I was lame and […]


eating: crockpot bbq chicken by the pound, coffee oreo ice cream by the pint, and baked cheetos by the fistful. Oh, college. reading: still plugging through When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man. I’m loving it, I just never seem to have time to sit down with a book. Or, I’m just lazy. listening […]

Blogging Roundup: Cats, Heels, and Bloopers

I am currently in the throes of strep throat – meaning that I want to do nothing but cruise blogs and watch GirlCode (judge all you want, that stuff is hilarious). Thus, here’s what I found by flitting around Bloglovin’ this week. I’m on a huge chocolate kick and these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies […]

Internet Roundup: Elephants, Tattoos, and Sheepdogs

(via) A Beautiful Mess had a great post about summer entertaining! It hit the nineties this week and I’ve been beating the heat by staying inside…I’m lame I know. This trippy youtube video had me thinking for ages. I love Chelsea’s blog – she has so many awesome traveling stories! This one about visiting elephants […]

Internet Roundup: Something to Brighten Your Week

Before anything else, my best wishes and prayers to those affected by the West, Texas explosions. It’s been such a rough week for everyone and I can’t imagine a family affected by this on top of everything else. I don’t know what’s going on in our world right now and I’m not entirely sure how […]

Tales of a Hermit-Z: What I’m Watching on Netflix

Yo, took an accidental blog break for a while there! This no-computer thing is still tripping me up, but it (hopefully) gets delivered tomorrow! I have a lot of stuff planned for this week and next, so don’t worry – you’ll get sick of me soon enough. Anyway, I’ve been kicking back this weekend (between […]

Five Things I’m Addicted to This Week

You ever have those days that last like lifetimes? I tell you dudes, it’s been a while since I got three thrown at me IN A ROW. (Did I mention this is the week AFTER midterms!? Like the crazies are supposed to be over!?) It’s totally not all bad though, just…long. Anyway, here’s all the […]