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Back in Blonde: A Look at the Black Hair Period

So I’ve had black hair for about seven years. I dyed it right before ninth grade – went all out, the straight up 001 color that you can pick on the wheel. And kept it. For all that time. Most people who know me have never seen my natural hair. Before the “big reveal,” I […]

What’s With All These Irish Dudes?: Questions My Retail Job Has Answered

why is everyone crumpling dollar bills? When someone hands me a hundred dollar bill at the register, I have two options. I can either hit a bunch of buttons on my computer screen and triple check all the security numbers and anti-counterfeit measures. Or…I can crumple it. You see, all American dollar bills are made […]

Four Days After Father’s Day: Doc-isms

My dad’s name is Dave, but everyone calls him Doc. This might have to do with him being a medical professional, but it also has something to do with him spending a lot of time on docks, either sailing or drinking beer. Either way, there’s no denying that my dad has a special amount of […]

When Did It Become Monday: That Time I Had Plans

I had grand plans for this past week of blogging. I was going to write a birthday post, reflecting on my past accomplishments and how far I’ve come since this little old post. I was going to write a party-planning post, explaining how I managed to cram twenty five people into my apartment and they […]

Work and Werk: How to Be “The New Girl”

I started my job in March and my internship earlier this month. It’s been a wild ride since then, but I’ve finally settled down in both quirky communities. However, I realized that it had been while since I had been “new” at anything…and I felt a how-to was in order. focus on what you’re naturally […]


Watching: A little Arrested Development (no, I am not a die hard fan…just pleasantly dipping my toes into the first season…) a little Breaking Bad, a little trashy television as well. (My love for Say Yes to the Dress will never die. NEVER.) Listening to: Fall Out Boy mostly (more on that tomorrow…). Reading: When […]

The Ultimate Nerd: What IB Taught Me (Part One)

This may not be a surprise, but I was a total nerd in high school. I mean, I’m a nerd now. I’m in the honors program (doing poorly, don’t get too excited) and I’m in the BFA track for writing and these two things combined means I get to write TWO theses at the end […]

Sometimes Z Takes Pictures Turns One!

Welp. It’s official. This little ol blog of mine has turned a whole year old. I spent a lot of time arguing with myself about what I wanted this post to be. For a while I wanted to do a revamped version of my favorite posts, but I did that when I hit the big […]

Ever Wonder How Long It Takes to Move Out an Entire Dorm Room? Here You Go: A Really Ugly Photo Dump

I was either really really smart or really really dumb and decided to take pictures of every step of my packing process. The result really isn’t as pretty as I thought it would be. First of all, it’s really difficult to take pictures in a very rectangular dorm room with limited natural light. It’s just […]

Saying Goodbye to the Dorms: Moving Out and Moving On

This saturday, I moved out of the dorms for good. I got to spend two incredible years there (well, one and a half, minus the semester I spent in castle-dorm hybrid). The college I go to is generous enough to offer us guaranteed housing for two years (this can be taken as sarcastic or genuine […]