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Meet Molly: A Photo Dump

When Molly looked at me in the middle of our living room and said, “Can you take pictures of me looking like a bad bitch?” I was up for the challenge. Except she might be too cute. But it’s cool, we made it work. Advertisements

300 Slices of Bacon: When MADZ Has a Cookout

It’s sort of summer sometimes. And on that sometimes, we have cookouts. We went to the restaurant supply store. Let me be honest here: BULK FOOD IS THE BEST. It means that you’re “forced” to get the 300-pack of bacon. Because it’s 27.65. And that’s just a good deal. And here’s a family portrait. Even […]

Nemo’s More Than a Clownfish: Another Long Post About Snow

Oh, little Nemo. How we underestimated you. I swear, I blame all of my unpreparedness for this blizzard on the weather anchors who call every storm “THE WORST WE’VE EVER SEEN.” Like really. Every storm. It’s just that they got this one right. Living in the center of Boston, we got one of the biggest […]

Mackenzie and A Lot of Words: Something That Was Supposed to Be Just a Photo Dump But Turned Into a Rant About the New Year

It’s funny. Past years, I’ve been all about January first. New resolutions, new goals, new idea that I should write every day, take a picture every day, something every day, since, you know, those are the things you should start January first – and, just like everyone else, by the 15th, I’m over all of […]

A Very Hustle Bustle Christmas: Moving In with a New Lens

I was lucky enough to get a new 50mm lens for Christmas and it hasn’t come off my camera since. Here are some quick shots from the holiday down at the farm.

Well, It’s Kind of a Funny Story: One Last Snow-Covered Walk

I know I already did a post about Castle snow (here), but that was before I took a break on Sunday and traipsed around the entire Well countryside looking for wild horses. You know, a standard Sunday. I didn’t end up finding them, but Annie and I did find two tame horses (too tame…it LICKED […]

A Playlist Made by Just Typing “Home” Into Spotify: A Few Thoughts About Being Back and Forth

[you can click on the picture for the playlist.] I’ve been home for about twelve hours. This is after two plane rides, a bus ride, a car ride, and a six hour layover. Not in that order. I’m not fully conscious, at least not yet. Despite my glorious night of uninterrupted sleep in my own […]

Well, It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Yesterday, it snowed. Everyone at the Castle immediately grabbed their iPhones and DSLR’s and began to document this insanely beautiful event. I, sadly, have a total of two pictures from the entire day, so instead I’m stealing borrowing everyone else’s (much better) photography. again: none of these photos are mine. all rights go to their […]

Hey, This Guy Takes Really Good Pictures: An Exploration of My Photographer Crush on Steve McCurry

Sometimes, I’m a total nerd. And by that, I mean I like learning a bit too much. This is especially problematic for when I do projects, since I get sidetracked with research far too easily and find myself looking up from my twentieth Wikipedia page two hours later with a ton of information, but no […]

ZOMG LOOK AT MY FACE: Why I Hate Self-Portraiture But I Do It Anyway

Before you ask, yes, I’m familiar with the 365 project, and no, that’s not what this post is about. If you are though, I give you mad props because I can’t do that kind of stuff with my camera. The 365 project (and its many spinoffs) is a challenge for people to take a picture […]