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Short Stack #5: Sometimes…Stuff Happens.

Oh, what a week plus two days it has been. Translation: it has not been a great week. My mother warned me going into college (and life) that it’s a constant juggling match: social life, academics, extracurriculars, job, yourself, etc. The reality is you will never be able to juggle perfectly (at least, I know […]

Short Stack #4: Sometimes…Videos?

I felt weird not posting on Valentine’s Day but I’m not like a crazy Valentine’s Day lover so I figured I could go without but then I saw this video and I thought you guys would like it so I decided to post it. (And I’m still talking/thinking like a six year old. It’s a […]

Short Stack #3: Sometimes…Tuesdays.

My class schedule is, in a few words, messed the [expletive] up. I have ten am’s every day, tons of awkward breaks in between, and don’t end until 4.15 on Thursdays (this is late for Castle-people, okay!?). Anyway, I could complain a lot about my classes and the way they’re laid out, but the one […]

Short Stack #2: Sometimes You Have Just Two Months Left

Sometimes, you realize that in exactly two months you will pack up everything you have in your fourteenth century castle, board a plane to the United States, and go back to living a (mostly) normal life. Two months. Just two. On the one hand, you feel like this is a long, long way away. You […]

Short Stack #1: Sometimes, You Just Have to Buy a Cow Suit.

Sometimes you sit in front of your computer at three in the morning and you realize something in your life is missing. And you realize, this something – it’s a cow suit. You want one. You need one. It’s necessary: for Halloween, for slumber parties, for dressing up as you move in unsuspecting freshman. It […]