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Now I’m Just Greedy: Five More Places I Really Wanna Go

      I know I know I know. I will be in school full-time as of September and until then I have to work my butt off to save up enough money for the year. But believe me friends, I would do many unspeakable things in order to go on another trip. Wanderlust, travel […]

Where Do I Go Now?: How to Decide on Destinations

Okay, I don’t know your trip. You may be jetting in for a week’s stay or you could be on your hundredth day backpacking. In Europe, the line of “short” versus “long” trip is blurred. I once met a couple that was traveling from Boston to Dublin for a long weekend (whaaaa?) as well as a […]

Wilbur, Charles, and Henry: How to Pack for a Study Abroad

Finally, finally FINALLYDFYADFAD I have begun to blog about how to study abroad. To front all of this: I have been on one semester-long study abroad. I am not an expert. In fact, you could probably call me a nega-expert. But I’m gonna blog about it anyway, mwahaha. Anyway, I managed to make myself sit […]

We Need to Talk About Europe: A Few Confessions and A Promise

Today I was in the doctor’s office and stumbled upon a National Geographic. There was a feature all about eight people visiting eight different places, and how they changed them. (National Geographic Traveler – November 2012, for those of you that want to try and hunt it down…I couldn’t find a non-sketch version online!) They […]

A Playlist Made by Just Typing “Home” Into Spotify: A Few Thoughts About Being Back and Forth

[you can click on the picture for the playlist.] I’ve been home for about twelve hours. This is after two plane rides, a bus ride, a car ride, and a six hour layover. Not in that order. I’m not fully conscious, at least not yet. Despite my glorious night of uninterrupted sleep in my own […]

Adventures with Henry: Ahoj, Prague!

Quick facts: Who: #ODDQUAD and about half the castle…by accident When: midday 11/30 to midday 12/2 Where: Prague, Czech Republic! Most Used Phrases: I will be honest here: I did not speak a word of Czech this entire weekend. I feel bad, but I was also very, very tired. My favorites: Tree lighting: I give […]

Adventures with Henry: Hola, Barcelona!

Quick facts: Who: Lindsay, Isabella, Pablo, Steve, and Ryan – with occasional cameos by Danica and Ramon When: early 11/16 to late 11/18 Where: Barcelona, Spain!   Most used phrases: Thanks: gracias  Tapas: appetizers, of sorts. More about these delicious things later. Donde esta…?: Where is…? The fact that most of my comprehension remained through […]

Adventures with Henry: Cheers, London!

Quick facts: Who: Just me and Annie! When: late 11/6 to early 11/11 Where: London, England!   Most used phrases: Thanks: cheers. [I kept getting weird whenever I said ‘thanks’ – best way to identify, I suppose] Queue: line. [as in, ‘starting queueing here’ – weird right?]   My favorites: Harry Potter Experience: Oh gosh, […]

Adventures with Henry – Guten Tag, Berlin!

Quick facts: Who: Entire Castle crew. When: EARLY 11/2 to noon 11/5 Where: Berlin, Germany   Most used phrases: Guten tag: hello [This is basically all I used in Germany – I was with a school group for so much that I hardly had time to learn any local tidbits.] My favorites: Stasi: For those […]

Tired Legs, Swollen Eyes, and One Heavy Heart: Nine Days of Traveling and What It Does to Me

Last Friday morning we left for a required school excursion to Berlin, followed by a week of independent travel to any city (or, if you’re really brave, cities) of our choosing. I chose London and chose it fairly hard. So much so that it might be a while before I can muster up a Henry […]