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The New, The Old, and The Insanely Nostalgic: My Three Favorite Books (and a swap!??!)

So apparently, I’m a writing major? Which means I read? Which means…I have favorite books? Whaaa? Anyway, I get asked the “favorite book” question a lot, and I usually do the “oh, uh, I mean, I have a lot…” answer, which is lame. So here are my three (current) favorites: The Particular Sadness of Lemon […]

What I’m Reading This Week: Cold, Grey, and Brief

As strange as it sounds, for a writing major…I don’t read much. The honest truth is that I’m just busy, and after catching up on Brit Lit…I don’t feel like curling up with ANOTHER book. That being said, I really do love reading. My only issue: I usually start a bunch of books at once, […]

What I Spend My Days at College Doing: How I Edit

For those of you who don’t know, I go to college for “writing.” Which is honestly the stupidest thing to say at a party or family gathering, but it’s the truth. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the degree yet – maybe magazine writing, maybe editing, maybe something totally different? – […]

The Big 1-0-0: A Huge Thank You and a Semi-Huge Round Up

Guys…it’s here. I didn’t think it would get this far. I really, really didn’t. I thought this would be one of those stupid ideas I get over the summer like buying a strapless swimsuit (why would you ever) or not taking the time to buy good sandals (also: why). But somehow, it lasted. It lasted […]

A Bit of Nice Smelling Word Vomit and How Having Stuff to Do Might Be a Good Thing

Maybe I’m weird. Nix the maybe. I like having my plate a little overflowing. I like scrambling around after class to get to six meetings (not an exaggeration). I like looking at my schedule for a week and heaving a happy sigh at the extreme lack of free time. It’s strange, even to me. I’ve […]

Fist Pumping and Whispers of Glee: How to Say “YES!” to Life

This is a story about how I had a complete life re-evaluation in an elevator after seeing a random person in my dorm experience a small but significant moment in his life. So. I was walking into my building, chatting with a friend, being a little down on life. It’s not like anything awfully terribly […]

Mackenzie and A Lot of Words: Something That Was Supposed to Be Just a Photo Dump But Turned Into a Rant About the New Year

It’s funny. Past years, I’ve been all about January first. New resolutions, new goals, new idea that I should write every day, take a picture every day, something every day, since, you know, those are the things you should start January first – and, just like everyone else, by the 15th, I’m over all of […]

A Post About Trying to Write a Post

First, I was going to get my friend David to take pictures of what I’m wearing and do an outfit post. But then I realized I was essentially wearing the same thing for my last outfit post, except with different bright colored tights and cropped cardigan. So no. Then, I came dangerously close to spilling […]

An Open Love Letter to Garrison Keillor

I will openly admit that I am a very strange person, but my near obsession with Garrison Keillor may take the cake as far as weirdness goes. For those of you who don’t know this wonderful man, ol’ GK is the current host of A Prairie Home Companion and prolific writer of over twenty books. […]

What the Womps was I Thinking in 2011: How One Line A Day is a Blessing and a Curse

Once upon a time, I was a stupid freshman and I decided to go to Urban Outfitter’s mega sale the first week of classes. This sale is a dangerous thing, ladies and gentlemen, and is not for the faint of heart. Salespeople, newly trained and drooling with anticipation, jump out from behind towering racks of […]