click for the music. Warped was, in a word…incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and this time my teeth didn’t get knocked out! I’ve been running around like a maniac trying to start my new job while juggling all other sorts of writing endevors, so here’s to my first posting in a […]

click for the music. Guys, guys, I know. Warped is on Thursday, so you were anticipating some giant playlist of everyone I want to see. That’s not the case…you’ll have to wait for NEXT Tuesday to get some of that. For now, here’s one of my favorite road-trip songs.

Guys, I’ve found my weakness as a food blogger. I can’t wait the two minutes to take pictures of my food cause I just want to eat it. Thus, the following photos of what might be my favorite burger of all time. And this time, I’m not exaggerating. Every time I go to our lake […]

When Molly looked at me in the middle of our living room and said, “Can you take pictures of me looking like a bad bitch?” I was up for the challenge. Except she might be too cute. But it’s cool, we made it work.

click for the music. Another song that just happened to catch me on the subway. Stoked that these guys finally have a US headlining tour in the fall – expect a lot of squealing.  

why is everyone crumpling dollar bills? When someone hands me a hundred dollar bill at the register, I have two options. I can either hit a bunch of buttons on my computer screen and triple check all the security numbers and anti-counterfeit measures. Or…I can crumple it. You see, all American dollar bills are made […]

Guys. Give me a few minutes to freak out about this skirt. Like…LOOK AT IT. Hi-lo. Deep purple. It flows when I walk and doesn’t hitch up when I bend over – perfection, yes?! The only bad thing? It’s a bit of a handful on the subway. It’s an hour commute for me every Monday/Wednesday […]

eating: crockpot bbq chicken by the pound, coffee oreo ice cream by the pint, and baked cheetos by the fistful. Oh, college. reading: still plugging through When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man. I’m loving it, I just never seem to have time to sit down with a book. Or, I’m just lazy. listening […]

click for the music. I’m in the process of transferring all my music onto my new laptop. Yes, I know it’s been almost three months. And yes, it is the WORST. But I’m almost done, meaning that finally all my i-Products (and my Windows laptop, cough…) can live in harmony. Also, I’ve been listening to […]

Okay, I don’t know your trip. You may be jetting in for a week’s stay or you could be on your hundredth day backpacking. In Europe, the line of “short” versus “long” trip is blurred. I once met a couple that was traveling from Boston to Dublin for a long weekend (whaaaa?) as well as a […]