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Adventures with Henry: Ahoj, Prague!

Quick facts: Who: #ODDQUAD and about half the castle…by accident When: midday 11/30 to midday 12/2 Where: Prague, Czech Republic! Most Used Phrases: I will be honest here: I did not speak a word of Czech this entire weekend. I feel bad, but I was also very, very tired. My favorites: Tree lighting: I give […]

Adventures with Henry: Hola, Barcelona!

Quick facts: Who: Lindsay, Isabella, Pablo, Steve, and Ryan – with occasional cameos by Danica and Ramon When: early 11/16 to late 11/18 Where: Barcelona, Spain!   Most used phrases: Thanks: gracias  Tapas: appetizers, of sorts. More about these delicious things later. Donde esta…?: Where is…? The fact that most of my comprehension remained through […]

Adventures with Henry: Cheers, London!

Quick facts: Who: Just me and Annie! When: late 11/6 to early 11/11 Where: London, England!   Most used phrases: Thanks: cheers. [I kept getting weird whenever I said ‘thanks’ – best way to identify, I suppose] Queue: line. [as in, ‘starting queueing here’ – weird right?]   My favorites: Harry Potter Experience: Oh gosh, […]

Adventures with Henry – Guten Tag, Berlin!

Quick facts: Who: Entire Castle crew. When: EARLY 11/2 to noon 11/5 Where: Berlin, Germany   Most used phrases: Guten tag: hello [This is basically all I used in Germany – I was with a school group for so much that I hardly had time to learn any local tidbits.] My favorites: Stasi: For those […]

Adventures with Henry: Bonjour, Paris!

Quick facts: Who: Lindsay, Annie, Holland, and Lexie, with occasional cameos by Steph and Lauren. When: Midnight 10/24 until midnight 10/28 Where: Paris, France! Most used phrases: Bonjour (bon-jor): hello – but here’s the thing: this is more than just ‘hello.’ You’re expected to say this to EVERYONE when you see them, especially shopkeepers. It’s […]

Adventures with Henry: Verwelkoming, Bruges!

Quick facts: Who: Dear roommate Lindsay and cutie-pie Julia. When: late 10/18 to midday 10/20 Where: St. Christopher’s Hostel, Bruges, Belgium Most used phrases: Whipped cream: slagroom (slahg-rahm) Fruit beer: lambic (lahm-bick) Belfry: Okay, I have this pretty crazy fear of heights. Like, doing a dramatic scene on a seven foot platform in high school […]

Adventures with Henry: Bonjourno, Manarola!

Quick facts: Who: My friend and roommate Annie. When: Midday 10/13 to SURPRISE! Midday 10/14 (more on this later) Where: Hostel 5 Terre, Manarola, Italy   Most used phrases: Chocolate chip gelato: stracciatella (strat-ti-ah-chelli) Excuse me: scusi (skoo-zi) Train: treno (treh-no)   Hiking trails: Cinque Terre is mainly known for its hiking trails – there […]

Adventures with Henry – Cheers Dublin!

Quick facts: Who: my friend Danica, fellow writer and Pulvie (it’s a quidditch thing). When: afternoon 10/5 to early 10/7 Where: Four Courts Hostel in the medival district of Dublin. Good location (twenty minute walk from the Temple Bar neighborhood), sort of sketchy showers, and one really loud snorer.   Most used phrases: Cheers: hello, […]

Adventures with Henry: Cześć Warsaw!

Quick facts: Who: My friend Lindsay, who I’ve mentioned too much on this blog but whatever. When: mid-morning Friday 9/28 to evening Sunday 9/30 Where: El Hostel in Warsaw, Poland. Great hospitality, incredible furnishings, and extremely interesting roommates. Definitely would recommend. Most used phrases: Gofry: a polish dessert or breakfast waffle. (we also have no […]

Adventures with Henry: Hallo, Amsterdam!

Quick facts: Who: entire Castle squad, aka about 80 students aka a huge cluster about 99% of the time. When: EARLY Friday 9/21 to afternoon 9/23 Where: StayOkay Hostel. Decent breakfast, awesome dinner, and no one understood what a sleep sack was. Most used phrases: Do you speak English : Spreekt u Engels (Spreken ze […]