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I Think I Look Nice Today: Just a Jacket

I feel like most of my ITILNT posts have just turned into: you know this one piece of clothing I adore? Look at it! But hey, I still love this jacket. It was one of those awesome finds – actually fits you all over, looks nice both zipped and unzipped, plus has a cool military-style-ish. […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: The Skirt I Have to Keep In Line on the Subway

Guys. Give me a few minutes to freak out about this skirt. Like…LOOK AT IT. Hi-lo. Deep purple. It flows when I walk and doesn’t hitch up when I bend over – perfection, yes?! The only bad thing? It’s a bit of a handful on the subway. It’s an hour commute for me every Monday/Wednesday […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: In Which I Try to Be Ruby Sparks

Okay, I just spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a good, head-to-toe pictures of Ruby Sparks. IT DOES NOT EXIST ON THE INTERNET. But anyway, it gives you an excuse to watch the movie. I actually took these early in Finals Week. (Why do I always feel the need to capitalize it? Does […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: Let’s Work It Out

Okay, maybe I’m weird. But I like looking good when I work out. And I guess my definition of “good” is slightly different than most peoples, but I would like to show it off nonetheless. Up until last weekend, my quidditch team had been hard at work prepping for the World Cup and that meant […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: Yellow Bows on Grey Days

After a brief bout of sunshine, winter is upon us again. Or, at least, it feels that way. I’m still wearing tights, guys. Not cool. Granted, if I’m gonna wear tights…I’ll wear these. Gap sales are the best things that ever happen to me. And their tights are a close second. Warm but stretchy – […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: But He’s Your Lobster

I’ve had dreams about this outfit. No, really. I’m serious. It came to me in a dream… Z…(said the dream voice) …you want…chambray…and…a cute animal sweater… And I was blessed with both. Looky there. In all honesty though, it’s rare that I picture an outfit and it comes out looking even alright, let alone GOOD. […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: Sweater Weather

I don’t mean to echo everyone else on the east coast but: what’s with this weather!? I’m so ready for legging-less dresses and cute shorts and maybe even tank tops! Anyway, I’m trying to give my sweaters some love before they get packed away until fall. Plus, I feel like I never wear my scarves […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: Anchors and Band Tees and Blazers Oh My!

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and feel like a twenty-something professional that has a handle on her life. And sometimes, I look in the mirror and think that a five year old dressed me. Meh, these pants are comfy and that’s all I really care about. Plus, I’ve been dying to start breaking out […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: When I Thought I Looked Nautical But Just Was Wearing Really Thick Stripes

There’s a pattern here. Er, well, a non-pattern. A solid color happening, if you will. Okay, I’m just trying to say that I wear a lot of navy skirts. Also, I feel like something about this shirt screams “SAILOR!” with a hearty coastal accent. But it might be the stripes. Or the fact that it’s […]

I Think I Look Nice Today: That One Time I Bought Two Things at Urban and Wore Them Together

I wish I could say I don’t go to Urban Outfitters much…but that’s a lie. The semi-quasi-ish truth is that I don’t buy much at the big UO. So the fact that I got both this sweater and skirt at the same outing – it’s kind of a big deal. Just kidding. Mmm, that’s right. […]