There was no way to phrase that subtitle non-creepily. IT’S OFFICIAL. Sometimes Z Takes Pictures has now taken up a (hopefully) permanent home at BLOGSPOT! I’m sure there will be a full post about the switch but for now it’s working out great for me. I just wanted to make sure everyone swapped over on […]

Hey guys, I have a confession. I’ve thrown several temper tantrums at my computer the last 48 hours. WordPress is just NOT working for me. I’ve considered making the switch several times, but finally I hit a wall. I need a change. I can’t possibly spend as much money as they request to get the […]

click for the music. Panic! at the Disco recently did a free show in Copley Square. It was one of those “best laid plans” moments – I had taken off my night job, we were going to spring from our day jobs…and then it started raining. This is at the tail end of what was […]

      I know I know I know. I will be in school full-time as of September and until then I have to work my butt off to save up enough money for the year. But believe me friends, I would do many unspeakable things in order to go on another trip. Wanderlust, travel […]

Teen Wolf This has to come first. I blame my roommate: she got me SO INTO this show that I caught up on 32 episodes in a week. (Did I mention I have two jobs and an internship I should be doing?). It’s contagious I tell you. Now I’m to the point where I’m so […]

If you haven’t noticed, there’s another blip right under my header: a BLOGROLL! I feel as though every blogger these days have their own sidebar of “bloggy friends” or “inspiration” or “idols I constantly worship”…wait, just me? Anyway, I am not that talented to make a bunch of buttons, so instead I was lame and […]

click for the music. Okay, this is the third time The Summer Set has gotten their own Tunesday…but it’s been spaced out, so it’s okay right? I’ve been listening to their new-to-me album “Legendary” on repeat the past few days. I genuinely thought that I would just listen to Boomerang…oh no. This is one of […]

I feel like most of my ITILNT posts have just turned into: you know this one piece of clothing I adore? Look at it! But hey, I still love this jacket. It was one of those awesome finds – actually fits you all over, looks nice both zipped and unzipped, plus has a cool military-style-ish. […]

So I’ve had black hair for about seven years. I dyed it right before ninth grade – went all out, the straight up 001 color that you can pick on the wheel. And kept it. For all that time. Most people who know me have never seen my natural hair. Before the “big reveal,” I […]

My fourth summer job (not kidding) is assistant teaching at a gifted and talented camp. Being one of those little misfits growing up means that I a) get war flashbacks to what it was like being thirteen and thinking that no one would ever understand me and b) I know those squirts down to a […]